A swipe to grow simulator. Each swipe generates a fuzzy cactus with accompanying sounds.

The game ideation for sprout started when combining the ideas of previous research on both projects. We were especially inspired by the Vector Park game Sandcastles. Where players can build sandcastles on a screen until the tide comes in and washes them all away so you can start again.

As part of our work into interesting interactions, we wanted to ensure that we as designers were having fun with our interaction too. As you can see from the majority of Jade’s sketchbooks, drawing plants is something that she really enjoyed doing. This made it really easy to decide that doing a game that allowed her to do just that would be really fun. This game also allowed Rhian to get to know a whole new piece of software as she learned how to animate using Adobe After Effects and keyframe animation.

Rhian had previously built a game prototype that involved piling up sand at the bottom of the screen, this was easily adapted to build the first prototype for Sprout. It was a simple build where you could click on the screen and the plant would grow from the bottom of the screen. We quickly adapted this to work with the swiping motion and used the growing animations to give the effect of growth.

We chose to use cacti as the plant in this game because we could make lots of little modules which we could combine in lots of ways to create a variety of different cacti really easily and animate at the same time.